Personal information:

Theodora Kokhodze is a Georgian born artist currently based and working in Leipzig, Germany. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Tblisi State Academy of Art where she graduated with distinction in 2013. Since winning the Argentinian “Bienal Internacional de Arte Infantil y Juvenil” in 2001 she has had numerous personal exhibitions in her native Georgia as well as in Germany. From 2014-2015 she participated in the international artist residency “Pilotenkueche” based at the prestigious Spinnerei Galerie in Leipzig. She works primarily through the medium of mixed media painting  while also experimenting with sculpture and installation artwork. Since 2016 she studies in the Academy of Fine Arts Munich.



“Old Tbilisi” (2002/ Tbilisi, Georgia)
“Dynamic” (2010/ Tbilisi,Georgia)
“Artisterium”(2010/ Tbilisi,Georgia))
“Shopen waltz” (2010/ Tbilisi, Georgia)
“Meeting of past and present times(2010/ Tbilisi,Georgia)
“ID/Recipe” (2011/ Tbilisi,Georgia)
“Crossroad” (2013/ Tbilisi,Georgia)
“Me and your Freedom” (2013/ Tbilisi,Georgia)
“Dede Gorgud” (2013/Tbilisi,Georgia. Azerbaijan/Baku)
“Artisterium 12” (2013/Tbilisi,Georgia)
“Alternative Space” (2013/ Tbilisi,Georgia)
“Station” (Personal exhibition) (2014/ Tbilisi,Georgia)
“The very place and its outbreak.” Writer’s house (2014/ Tbilisi,Georgia)
“Pilotenkueche” International Artist Residency (2015/ Leipzig,Germany)
“Eshibition-sale” (Tbilisi, Georgia/2015)
“Transformationen” (personal exhibition) (2015/ Berlin,Germany)”Georgian Artists Group   “Madatart Georgian Artists Group Show” (2016/ New York,USA)                           “Georgian Artists Group Exhibition” (2016/ New York,USA)



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