In traditional Buddhist mythology Taras are savior goddesses who represent virtuous and Enlightened action. Born from tears of compassion and birthed inside a lotus. Tara, in her multiple manifestations, enters the world as a guardian and guide. Her love and compassion for the suffering and sentient beings of the world is akin to the love of a mother for her child. Tara, as mother of liberation, helps guide and protect those who journey towards the destruction of ignorance. Tara is unapologetically feminine. Her attributes are feminine. Her visage and hue are feminine. Her strength and determination are feminine. Her anger and lust are feminine. Her compassion is feminine. Her mercy and wisdom are feminine. Multi-coloured and prismatic. A kaleidoscope of pigmentation. She is chromatic Enlightenment. In this series of paintings I imagine myself as various Taras in various aspects. I look for myself in different colours, I transform myself in different poses. In each case I search for the melding of colour and posture, for meaningful angles that have the potential to become vivid. I try to feel these vivid colours in my body, to feel these vivid colours in my bones. Green Tara is a protector. She guards and protects those brave enough to undertake long journeys of transformation. Red Tara represents destruction of illusion as well as the discernment and transmutation of desire. In Red Tara I see passion, love and power as well as elements of sexuality and desire. Black Tara represents resistance and fortitude. She is the healer of disease and decay, of ailments and troubles. I feel mysterious feelings for her. Her associations are both negative and positive. She is both dark and light. White Tara is the manifestation of healing and serenity. She is the granter of wishes. However, for me, the colour white has always represented an absence, a desert of meaning and potential. White is in many ways for me a kind of pure emptiness. White is a melancholic colour. Yellow Tara is the embodiment of wealth and prosperity. She breathes abundance. She is ample, opulent and bountiful. Blue Tara aids in the transmutation of anger and destruction. Blue Tara symbolizes rebirth for me. She is the embodiment of change and variation.



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